Decision support for the 21st century

Making sense of uncertainty and complexity

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Decision support under uncertainty

Uncertainty and risk frequently arise in areas such as new product development, entering new markets, re-positioning the organisation, developing contingency plans, and dealing with crises. Our technology platform gives you rapid solutions for such 'wicked problems'.

What do we do?

Strategy Foresight is a technology firm that develops and supplies a proprietary decision support system based on the unique architecture of morphological analysis. Analysts and management use our customisable decision-making platform when faced with a critical series of difficult-to-quantify complex, technical, political, ethical and organisational problems.

Meeting your need

Our objective is to bring clarity, providing management with a choice of viable solutions. Ultimately, clarity begins at home.

Our approach

Our experienced developers work with multi-disciplinary experts selected from and by the client organisation. They will jointly construct a sophisticated decision support platform using validated methods developed in a demanding military context.


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