Helping everyone to better structure and understand their data.

A unique blend of consulting facilitation and modelling for collaborative decision-making.


Strategy Foresight is a specialist consulting firm of methodologists and facilitators who help senior corporate officers and direction-setting teams become truly conversant in three areas:

  • Formulating and adjusting complex strategies in real time
  • Thriving under conditions of high uncertainty, incomplete data and high decision stakes
  • Building decision support paradigms within organisations

We have a unique system to help decision makers focus resources and efforts on the most crucial areas. This is achieved by modelling quantitative and qualitative data using proprietary decision support software. In particular, we are the word leaders in General Morphological Analysis when combined with other decision frameworks such as the Analytic Hierarchy Process, Bayesian Belief Networks and Monte Carlo simulation.


Rather than being overwhelmed by the complexity and magnitude of the topic, our mission is to creatively use technologies to enable decision makers to start considering better options.

We believe that better decisions are made when clients are facilitated to:

  • Generate, in real time, a visual representation of the entire problem space for the systematic and transparent group exploration for a workable set of solutions
  • Accommodate multiple perspectives to deal with uncertainties rather than prescribe a singular, ‘consultative’ anchoring solution
  • develop shared concepts, terminology  and ownership of the problem by keeping an software-automated audit trail of how and why decisions are made
  • function through interaction rather than back office to facilitate a process of collective creativity and innovation Focus on relationships between concepts rather than being overwhelmed with unstructured data