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Strategy Foresight partners with developers, researchers and educators.


Technology licensing

Strategy Foresight’s decision support software uses the algorithm of morphological analysis as its core engine. We believe it to be superior to statistical and genetic algorithmic approaches in extracting meaning from big data by better linking correlation with causation. Our technologies can be white-labelled to allow either in-coming data to be parametrised or the solution outputs to be exported to business intelligence systems, other decision support software or even to simple spreadsheets to give more logical and deeper insights of your data. Strategy Foresight’s intellectual property – including patented technologies, software, data and know-how – is offered for commercial use under licence. Contact us for more information or arrange for a demo to explore collaborative opportunities.

Joint ventures

We welcome working jointly with commercial, governments and academic partners. This can take the form of joint consulting engagements, new technology development in decision sciences, publication of white papers and consortia development for commercial tenders and grant applications. Our current areas of interests include, but not limited to, healthcare, aerospace-defence, cybersecurity and financial services. Contact us to explore collaborative opportunities or sign up to our newsletter.

Academic program

Analytics for students, teachers and researchers. Our proprietary software helps people structure complex to generate viable options. Whether you’re a PhD student wanting the most of your research data or an educator teaching business, engineering or politics, Fibonacci software provides simpler and faster visual analysis to help find hidden insights in mixed set of data.


Strategy Foresight supports selected PhD or Postdoctoral student projects in morphological? Modelling on a pro bono basis. Academic institutions which have benefited from our support include:

  • Imperial College London
  • Cass Business School, London
  • London Metropolitan University
  • University of Belgrade
  • University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

The support is for non-commercial, academic degree research only. For consideration (including terms and conditions), please drop us an email at info@stratgeyforesight.org

Academic collaborations

We welcome academic collaborations from any sector. Strategy Foresight has developed workstreams to support grant applications and consortia development. Our methodologies and software is designed for non-quantified modelling (qualitative data analysis) or for mixed methods research (combining qualitative, quantitative and semi-quantitative data). Contact us for details or sign up to our newsletter for opportunities.