Visually structure and explore all viable options

Fibonacci analytics platform seamlessly combines qualitative and quantitative data into a single integrated model


The early stages of the decision making process are particularly exposed to inflexions from a variety of internal and external drivers which are not always immediately visible.

​In addition, difficult to quantify issues such as technology development, regulatory directives, organisational structure, operational constraints and stakeholder expectations need to be taken into account.

​Sectors such as defence, healthcare and engineering share three things in common - heavy capital development, product realisation years into the future and uncertainties around policy formulation.

Defence and Security

The world continues to face novel and emergent security challenges. The pressure on reducing defence expenditure is mismatched by global threats on multiple fronts. Click here to learn how we are partnering with NATO to develop scenarios and associated resource and capability requirements.

Petrochemical and mining

Securing energy supply is a threat to national critical infrastructure protection. The rise of fracking, shifting political developments in oil producing regions and supply chain vulnerabilities requires innovative solutions. Discover how we have worked with a Fortune 500 company in assessing the feasibility of operating in these volatile regions.


Engineering also faces long lead times for highly complex projects (e.g. infrastructure), where good foresight practices can help mitigate risks as the engineering programme moves forward. Our processes and methods are particularly suited to address those early stage issues, notably at the design phase, which are so important to identify in many engineering projects – so as to avoid unintended consequences later on.

The Engineering sector is a broad church, embracing number of sub-categories such as mechanical, structural, electrical, civil, automotive, nuclear, and design. SFL has worked in a number of engineering related areas.

Click here to look at a number of applications.

Policy formulation

Getting agreement on contentious policy development issues is a classic example of a wicked problem. Characterised by strongly held stakeholder positions, these intractable problems are difficult to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and constantly changing requirements.

Download the case study of how we worked with the wicked problem of how to better audit and embed good diversity practices in organisations for a large Anglo-American legal firm.


You and your clients are concerned about the complexity of issues confronting your organisation in an uncertain world. As the number and complexity of choices increases, the exercising of choice paradoxically reduces.

How can you select the correct choice of action from a myriad of combinations? See how Strategy Foresight supports decision makers to focus resources and efforts on the most crucial areas.

Strategy modelling

Senior leaders and planners demand the opportunity to maximize the length of time to make strategic decisions whilst incorporating key stakeholder positions - this is where we can help. By constructing a sophisticated decision matrix using methods developed in a demanding military context, Strategy Foresight reduces the chance that events will play out in a way not previously considered. Learn how we helped pharmaceutical firm determine its product and market growth strategy.

Creativity & Innovation

Too many ideas floating around and not captured centrally? It's fun coming up with ideas but how are they captured and seen through to realisation? Innovation is creativity captured and made into something. Here's how we helped a design team to choose across hundreds of ideas for their crash helmet using morphological analysis.

Technological Foresight

Risks and uncertainty frequently arise in product development, attempts to penetrate new markets or build market intelligence, re-position a business, or deal with crises. Any of these can be complicated by the intended or unintended, consequences of policy decision.

Read our case study that describes how a previously unconsidered scenario was discovered for a large European organisation in the area of sustainability and recycling.

Consulting services

In a complex world, our management consultants cut through the noise to bring clarity on things that matter to you most.

Strategy Foresight's unique facilitated consultative approach focuses on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities in strategy modelling, business contingency planning, policy and stakeholder analysis, organisational design and restructuring and technological forecasting across all industries and geographies

Download our presentation, or contact us, of how you can revolutionise the way you see and manage the impact of your decisions.


  • Pre-workshop activites
  • Facilitated workshop
  • Post-workshop
  • Construct stakeholder group
  • Articulate and refine the focus question
  • Elicit the current state of affairs
  • Perform the decision modelling workshop
  • Debrief and disseminate to other groups for feedback
  • Finalise the model and identify viable options
  • Analysis, report and recommendations
  • Final presentation
  • Implement agreed set of actions
  • Develop efficiency and effectiveness measures
  • Monitor & re-calibrate using the 5E framework